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Company Industry City State Revenue
Information Technology and ServicesYehud$10 - 50M
By The People
By The People
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Computer SoftwareNetanya$10 - 50M
Carmel Ventures
Carmel Ventures
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Venture Capital & Private EquityHerzelia$50 - 100M
Computer SoftwareBnei BarakNA$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareJerusalem$0 - 1M
Marketing and AdvertisingNofekh
Public Relations and CommunicationsOr Yehuda$0 - 1M
TelecommunicationsPetah Tikva$0 - 1M
Management ConsultingRamat Hahayal$0 - 1M
Visuality Systems
Visuality Systems
All About CIFS
Computer SoftwareYokneam Ilit$1 - 10M
InternetAcre$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesShkanya,None Selected$0 - 1M
Financial ServicesShoham$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv$0 - 1M
InternetZichron YaakovNorth$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesHadar Am$0 - 1M
Computer Software$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv$1 - 10M
DesignGlil Yam$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareTel Aviv$0 - 1M
TelecommunicationsHerzliya$1 - 10M
Computer Softwarebror chailisrael$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareTel Aviv$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingTel Aviv-YafoTel Aviv District
Information Technology and Services$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesRamat- Hasharon$0 - 1M
Computer & Network SecurityYokneam$0 - 1M
Marketing and Advertising--$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv$100 - 250M
DesignNahariya$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv$100 - 250M
InternetTel Aviv$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingTel Aviv
InternetModi'in$0 - 1M
Venture Capital & Private EquityTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesBeersheba$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesHertzelia Pituach
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Computer & Network SecurityTel Aviv-YafoTel Aviv District
Computer & Network SecuritySan FranciscoCA$1 - 10M
InternetRamat Gan$10 - 50M
PST Backup | Outlook Backup
Computer SoftwareRAANANA$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesPennsylvaniaPA$10 - 50M
Internet$1 - 10M
Computer SoftwareNetanya$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv$1 - 10M
Defense & SpaceKibbutz Yagur$1 - 10M
Computer SoftwareHod Hasharon$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Digital Factor
Digital Factor
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InternetRamat Gan
Computer HardwarePetah Tikva$0 - 1M
Freelance webdeveloper
Freelance webdeveloper
Boris Dinkevich - Technical founder and all around nice guy
Computer SoftwareTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Media ProductionTel Aviv$1 - 10M
Computer SoftwareRehovot$0 - 1M
Diva Keren Creative HR
Diva Keren Creative HR
Diva Keren | Creative HR
Human ResourcesSitryia$0 - 1M
Computer & Network SecurityKfar Netter$10 - 50M
Human ResourcesBeer Sheva$0 - 1M
Human Resources$0 - 1M
Writing and EditingSAN DIMASCA$1 - 10M
InternetTel Aviv$100 - 250M
TelecommunicationsTel Aviv
Information Technology and ServicesHerzelia Pituach
InternetRamat Hasharon$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Graphic DesignTel Aviv
Insurance & Banking Pricing Analytics and Optimization Software
Information Technology and ServicesBnei BrakTel Aviv District$10 - 50M
InternetRamat Gan$0 - 1M
Financial ServicesTel Aviv$1 - 10M
Defense & SpaceHOLON$500M - 1B
Information Technology and ServicesNes Zionano$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesRosh-HaainSelect One$1 - 10M
Venture Capital & Private Equitytel aviv$10 - 50M
InternetTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Management Consultingפתח תקווה1-700-555-177$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesNetanya$1 - 10M
Enigma, Inc.
Enigma, Inc.
Computer SoftwareBurlingtonMA$10 - 50M
Computer SoftwareRamat Gan$0 - 1M
Management Consultingyahud$10 - 50M
Human ResourcesTel Aviv
InternetTel Aviv
Financial ServicesPetach Tikva$100 - 250M
TelecommunicationsHerzelia> $1B
Ethrix VAS over Cloud
TelecommunicationsTel Aviv$10 - 50M
Staffing and RecruitingHerzeliya Pituach$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareHerzliyaTel Aviv District$50 - 100M
Venture Capital & Private EquityPetach-Tikva.$0 - 1M
Venture Capital & Private EquityPetach-Tikva.
Domain Registered at Safenames
Computer SoftwareRa'anana$1 - 10M
InternetRamat Gan$1 - 10M
EntertainmentNew YorkNY$0 - 1M
InternetTel Aviv-Jaffa$0 - 1M
Financial Services50 Dizengoff st. Top Tower (18th floor), Tel Aviv 64332$0 - 1M
Computer Software
AnimationRishpon$0 - 1M
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InternetTel Aviv
Media ProductionTel Aviv$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesOr YehudaTel Aviv District$1 - 10M
Computer & Network SecurityKfar Netter$1 - 10M
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